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About Us

Trussell, argh! I don't won't to hear it, that's how I used to feel, people don't know how to pronounce it and definitely can't spell it, two favourites are Tinsel and Truffle, even in this day and age spell check offers you Russell as first choice.

But in 2005, I had a sudden desire to start researching my family tree.

I put this down to losing family members when I was a lot younger and realized that I never really knew them.

Who were those people, what did they do, where were they born, did they have brothers and sisters and who were their ancestors.

So it began, I didn't think it would take long, but was I wrong, it's now 2010 and I'm still searching, I must point out that the internet has assisted me in gaining valuable information and has probably saved me 15-20 years in research time.

A couple of years in I found and visited two of the towns with the name in still to this day, them being Marston Trussell and Acton Trussell. The other one which has sadly lost the Trussell bit is now only being called Billesley.

I have found that we have had many Sir’s in the family, I think it's eleven or twelve so far and some have been vast landowners and some have been involved in lots of England’s ancient history and indeed battles, they include the Battle of Hastings, Evesham, Agincourt, Poitiers, Crecy, Boroughbridge, Lewes and the Siege of Calais and many more.

While researching I stumbled across various William Trussell's who have been involved in many important events over the years and are the most would I say famous name in our history. Events from speaking at Parliament to the deposing the King (Edward II ) to being Admiral of the fleet or going on various visits for the King.

William of Parliament fame was buried in Westminster Abbey, but many years later he was moved to his Shottlesbrooke manor area.  

A couple of years back, I discovered there is a Trussel Bridge and a Trussel Forest, there are roads named Trussell as well, how good is that.

The idea of this website is to show some history of what I have found out from my research and really to show how proud I am to be a TRUSSELL.

Please enjoy and thank you for taking the time to view.

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